ah the overly procrastinated subject of promotions and mailers time again…

where to start?. 

This will be the first time i have actually done marketing and promotions and over a few late nights of ideas stacking up from simply sending a post card to a mass amount of creatives to designing and sending out your very own build it your self zoetrope kit (probably wondering what the hell is that?. simply put the spiny thing where put photos and creates motion you seen it before although this idea is my favourite and determined to build one even if its not for promos and just for the sake of owning one. I thought with budget and size being a constriction and that i did not want to throw large boxes on what are probably already stacked mail boxes of agencies I decided to go with a simple clean package of several photo cards sent in a hand made box 

Blog post marketing image1

Once the idea was down next was the images i wanted to put most of the budget into these. I went straight to as i have had things made from them in the past and they were great the quality is defiantly noticeable. I went with the postcard option i picked out my best images and got them printed. 


I have to admit the quality of these cards are better than i expected for post cards.

stage 2 or 3 i forget ?

now that I have got the idea down and the images it was time to actually see if i can build the packaging….

I wanted a slim clean not so flashy kind of packaging and something I can use my branding with (colour theme and logo) 

after drawing and cutting out the final design i started to build the final template in photoshop( the horror of trying to figure out the measurements to fit into the template from sticking the card up to the screen and even a ruler and still having the expression of what the hell…).


printed them out onto square 250gms white card and began cutting

and tadahh

173936-9052188-photo_5_JPGI used my own market research and also used directory company called Agency Access

to compile a short run list of creatives that I thought my work would be relevant to ( you don’t want to send drinks and jewellery photographs to a music or lifestyles agency)

made each a written note to them put a stamp on it and ship it …..Job done!