homepage-creative-photographyEvery month i work on landing pages and homepages, to keep website main pages up to date with fresh content.

these are a few examples of pieces of work that i have shot and edited for homepagecsarite-jewellery-photography homepage-creative-photography

These are some recent screengrabs of a landing page from that i worked on where the page has all the links leading to different gemstones

I had a lot of fun working with some new ideas instead of just plain white backgrounds. I decided to go with a more geometric feel with lines and paper shadows to symbolise the facets. Gemstone-creative-tearsheets Gemstone-creative-tearsheets

I have been very busy lately working loads of projects and new work. I thought it was about time that I started to post some tearsheets.

this is just a few of my recent published work.

These screen grabs are from the birthstones  interactive page from where each month has a different gemstone that symbolises a birthstone and month

jewellery-creative-groupshots-tanzanite garnet-jewellery-creative-photograph amethyst-jewellery-rings-photography