homepage-creative-photographyEvery month i work on landing pages and homepages, to keep website main pages up to date with fresh content.

these are a few examples of pieces of work that i have shot and edited for homepagecsarite-jewellery-photography homepage-creative-photography

These are some recent screengrabs of a landing page from that i worked on where the page has all the links leading to different gemstones

I had a lot of fun working with some new ideas instead of just plain white backgrounds. I decided to go with a more geometric feel with lines and paper shadows to symbolise the facets. Gemstone-creative-tearsheets Gemstone-creative-tearsheets

I have been very busy lately working loads of projects and new work. I thought it was about time that I started to post some tearsheets.

this is just a few of my recent published work.

These screen grabs are from the birthstones  interactive page from where each month has a different gemstone that symbolises a birthstone and month

jewellery-creative-groupshots-tanzanite garnet-jewellery-creative-photograph amethyst-jewellery-rings-photography

Nothing beats a good road trip, luckily for us, living in England we are a short boat hop away from the rest of Europe and so much to see. We have already done a road trip to lake Como in Italy a couple years ago but this time theres more time for planning and will have more time to spend on the trip. the quick draft will be to drive through at least 7 countries. This would be another great practice for our one day world trip where we want to drive all around the world in over 100 countries but for the moment this will be great. So we are grabbing out all of the old paper maps and marking up and making lists of all the amazing places to visit that Europe has to offer and not to forget the satnav and hope we do not take a wrong turn. Mind you we got lost 1 hour into our travels just outside Oxfordshire and never took a wrong turn in the whole time in Europe.. go figure Road-trip

Jewellery is a very complicated subject to photograph and edit. A wide range of techniques are required and a lot of patients and an eye for detail are also required.

for one it is the lighting required for each piece, is it yellow gold, white gold, silver or rose gold?, each type of metal requires a different technique . Then you have

the gemstones every gemstone and the way it is cut will react to the light and the angle that the gemstone is facing the camera. you have to take this into account as well.

You want to get as much of it done in camera as with post production there is always the problem of looking fake. Specialising in jewellery photography I have shot a large range of

different types of gemstones, Ametrine, Sky blue Topaz, Tanzanite, csarite, spinel, Diamonds to name just a few. Each requiring a new lighting setup and shooting approach.

I also edit most of the work I shoot as I know how it was shot and how the stones are supposed to look. I can produce accurate results where some may over saturate or even alter

the colour of the stones producing false results.  I have shot a lot of work for a wide range of mediums from magazine spreads to website home page creatives to shop e-commerce images.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact me through the contact page.


"jewellery photography compilation"

recent Press release from the University of wolverhampton about my entry into the Hasselblad master competition and being one of the finalists.

Click here to read the post


Hi all, quick news update , i am pleased to announce that i am now, currently one of the Hasselblad masters finalist for the 2016 competition, one of the most prestigious and hard competition in the world it is a great honour to get this far and it is now open for public vote, my image is in the product selection on Hasselblad’s website

i would greatly appreciate for anyone to vote for me please.

Ok so this will be the first time of doing this, selling prints.

I have been asked on multiple occasions to make prints of some of my work and after finishing the first selection of photographs from my latest project light causality i decided to start selling prints of these.

i will be doing several versions

limited run (5 prints) – A2 size printed on Kodak metallic paper – £80

A3 size printed on either Gloss or matte – £25

below are the first 3 images available with more in the planning let me know what you think and if your interested in purchasing one you can email me at [email protected]

(original post date March 2015)

As you can tell I am rather fond of photographing liquid from beer to paint, I love how a photograph can still show us how the world really is from how we perceive it. I am also a big fan of science and physics, so this project was bound to happen one day or another.

       The Basic concept behind this series is to capture and show what liquids are like at 1/12000 of a sec and create an effect that our eyes would not see normally.

I started of with balloons of water being popped in mid air 



I realised that these were looking great but they felt empty in texture and colour

so I decided to fill the balloons with different combinations of water and food colouring

and paint and after several hundred shots i have the final compositions 



Prints of these images are available for sale over at my shop

I had the opportunity to shoot these amazing Amethyst pendants today. Amethyst being apart of the Quartz family of gemstones these are quite striking and known for their violet glow. "amethyst-necklace-jewellery-photograph'