Jewellery photography

Jewellery is a very complicated subject to photograph and edit. A wide range of techniques are required and a lot of patients and an eye for detail are also required.

for one it is the lighting required for each piece, is it yellow gold, white gold, silver or rose gold?, each type of metal requires a different technique . Then you have

the gemstones every gemstone and the way it is cut will react to the light and the angle that the gemstone is facing the camera. you have to take this into account as well.

You want to get as much of it done in camera as with post production there is always the problem of looking fake. Specialising in jewellery photography I have shot a large range of

different types of gemstones, Ametrine, Sky blue Topaz, Tanzanite, csarite, spinel, Diamonds to name just a few. Each requiring a new lighting setup and shooting approach.

I also edit most of the work I shoot as I know how it was shot and how the stones are supposed to look. I can produce accurate results where some may over saturate or even alter

the colour of the stones producing false results.  I have shot a lot of work for a wide range of mediums from magazine spreads to website home page creatives to shop e-commerce images.

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