Nothing beats a good road trip, luckily for us, living in England we are a short boat hop away from the rest of Europe and so much to see. We have already done a road trip to lake Como in Italy a couple years ago but this time theres more time for planning and will have more time to spend on the trip. the quick draft will be to drive through at least 7 countries. This would be another great practice for our one day world trip where we want to drive all around the world in over 100 countries but for the moment this will be great. So we are grabbing out all of the old paper maps and marking up and making lists of all the amazing places to visit that Europe has to offer and not to forget the satnav and hope we do not take a wrong turn. Mind you we got lost 1 hour into our travels just outside Oxfordshire and never took a wrong turn in the whole time in Europe.. go figure Road-trip

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